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Fall Watering Guidelines

Finally, we received some measurable rainfall this past weekend. After a relatively mild spring and early summer with record rainfall, the months of July, August and September were exceptionally dry.Proper watering of your garden, especially trees and evergreens will be very important as we prepare for winter.

Continue watering your trees a minimum of 1” of water per week through the fall months. Focus on the area near the drip line at the far perimeter of the tree’s canopy. This is where the active roots are and where your tree will benefit most from supplemental watering, not up against the base of the trunk.

Throughout the fall months, be sure your evergreens also receive adequate amounts of water. Don’t assume that any amount of rain is enough -- often the rainfall cannot penetrate the dense evergreen branches. Adequate watering throughout the fall ensures that your evergreens will survive what winter brings.

Reprinted from MODE Landscape Design Vol 14: Fall Watering Guidelines, October 2013

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